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The OCD Bully II

  My second post on the topic of the OCD Bully is going to pick up where the first one ended: the hope that exists for people with OCD in the form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP).  When writing 'Myself am Hell' I wanted to be balanced in showing the terrible and destructive power of OCD to affect every part of a person's life, as well as the fact that this mental health condition plays by certain rules and is therefore limited by those rules.  Writing the above paragraph puts me in mind of a quote from the film 'The Dark Knight', where a mobster points out to Batman the difference between the criminal fraternity's perception of the hero and of his nemesis, The Joker. The mobster says that the criminals know Batman has rules and therefore lines that he will not cross, whereas The Joker has no rules and is therefore, by implication, more terrifying to the criminals than the previously widely feared figure of Batman. I on